Workshop 2: Reverse Engineering Popular Music: Listening and Playing with Your Favorite Music - Sept. 20th 16:00-19:00

University of Athens School of Philosophy, Audio Studio, Room 310, 3rd Floor


  • Introductions
  • Listening for Timbre, Structure, and Space in Recorded Music
    • Timbres & Timelines
    • Perceived Space - Near/Far & Left/Right
    • Listening for Production and Musical Form
  • Playing with Music to Learn, Theorize and Create
  • Sharing Educational Ideas





Workshop 1: Creating Music on the Web Workshop - Sept. 19th 16:00-19:00

MusiXLab, Music Library of Greece

Workshop Outline:

  1. Introduction to the MusEDLab Creative Music Apps
  2. Creating Rhythmic Grooves with the Groove Pizza
  3. Playing and Improvising Melodies with the Computer Keyboard with the aQWERTYon
  4. Performing Grooves and Melodies Together
  5. Creating and Sharing Educational Ideas & Presets for Greek Schools

Links: these work best on a laptop/desktop with the Google Chrome browser