The CORE Music Program is a community arts mentorship lab supporting young musicians in the exploration, development, and launch of creative careers through weekly collaboration sessions, personalized mentorship, and professional networking. 


This creative incubator for purposeful musical and artistic expression celebrates the work of both the individuals and the collective in fully realized, interactive showcase events (included but not limited to: album release parties, live performances, workshops, panels, etc) as launched at NYU IMPACT 2016 in the presentation of two live performances, as well as a recording workshop in the Dolan Studio.


Each Saturday session incorporates guided and exploratory music creation, as well as professional support in personal branding, artists’ rights and copyright law, and the many careers within the music industry. Our activation of local artist entrepreneurs as partners and members of this space allows us to nurture our community from many sides while creating space for individual and collective growth.





"“You get to become your own artist here, even if you’re a certain genre and you’ve stuck with that, it’s good to hear other perspectives on how music is made… and then you create new stuff that you’d never thought you’d be able to do. This type of environment is very rare, the level of support and freedom.”


--Jonathan Hernandez, NYU Ed Sullivan Fellow and NYU Class of 2020


"Before I came to this program, I was quiet and wouldn’t sing. Coming here, it helped me open up about singing way more than I expected. I used to write songs and throw them away. Coming here made me want to make music so much more than I did before. Since the motivation is so positive and powerful, now when I see someone else struggling I reach out and motivate them too. It’s like family here. I can’t wait for Saturdays now. I feel like if classrooms were like this, they would be so much more productive. Nowadays, kids are hesitant about going to school. If school could be a safe place where they could be free, it would change everything."


--Kenneth Holder, NYU Ed Sullivan Fellow and Eagle Academy for Young Men at Ocean Hill Class of 2017