Liberation Drum Circles centers the voices and experiences of youth, while increasing their social justice consciousness and musical skills in order to self realize and become agents of change in their own communities through community drumming and singing circles. Through the process of making music together, in community and in rhythm, we will defend our human rights in the struggle for collective liberation. 

Liberation Drum Circles is equal parts community music school, peace and justice circle, fertile ground, and cultural group.

Our Five Tangibles: PLAYS

  • Percussion: We believe in drumming in community as a way to build bridges amongst people, and heal the world.
  • Liberation: We are committed to defending the human rights of the oppressed in the struggle for collective liberation.
  • Activism: We recognize that we are the change makers the world needs and that activism is our duty.
  • Youth: We recognize youth as an integral part of humanity. We celebrate, center and cherish youth.
  • Singing: We are committed to singing for ourselves, for those who cannot sing, and for those who have been silenced. 


Led monthly at NYU Steinhardt by Martin Urbach.