Today we're going to explore a new online musical instrument - The aQWERTYon (or QWERTY accordion). The aQWERTYon enables you to improvise and perform over your favorite music videos and to learn and explore music theory.  The aQWERTYon is best experienced using Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari web browsers.

Version 1:

Version 2: 
username: musedlab    password: sledgehammer



  • Introductions
  • Explore and get to know aQWERTYon
  • Play and jam with James Brown's Think
  • Find roots and scales that fit Pharrell's Get Lucky.
  • Find, sync, and create preset settings for a YouTube video or videos of your choice in aQWERTYon.
  • Create a two person jam with aQWERTYon chords and improvised melody.
  • Test out new "development" version of aQWERTYon and provide user feedback.

User Feedback Questions for Discussion

  • What were you surprised that you could do with aQWERTYon?
  • What was frustrating about using aQWERTYon?
  • What features would you like to see in the aQWERTYon?
  • What presets/songs would you like to see in aQWERTYon?
  • Do you prefer browsing scales in aQWERTYon 1 (apps) or aQWERTYon 2 (dev)? Why?
  • How would you use this app in your own music making or learning?
  • Any other feedback for us?

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