Workshop: Creative Strategies for Making Thinking Visible: Enabling Deeper Learning 

Sunday, November 24, 2019

Eftychia Gavriil (Yungu) & S. Alex Ruthmann (New York University)

Yungu School, Hangzhou


Workshop Outline:

  • Introductions: LEGO Towers & Avatars
  • Listening for Timbre and Space in Recorded Music
    • Identify sounds/timbres
    • LEGO tone quality
    • Placing timbres in space
  • Creating Background Music at Yungu
  • Playing with Music to Learn, Theorize and Create
  • Sharing Educational Ideas; Reconsidering Deeper Learning





Links to MusEDLab Creative Music Apps: these work best on a laptop/desktop with the Google Chrome browser

Apps from other creative folks


Alex's TEDx Talk: Lowering Barriers to Musical Expression & the MusEDLab